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Raptor is a residential roofing specialist based in Frisco, Texas. We offer roof replacements, repairs, and maintenance throughout Frisco and surrounding areas.

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We provide homeowners with all of the residential roofing services they need to ensure that their home is protected, looks the part and offers them peace of mind. Regardless of when your home was built, your roof is always subject to wear and tear. As one of the most important components of your home, it’s vital that you seek a reputable local company that can provide regular roof inspections and maintenance to help you take great care of it.

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Our roofing and gutter services include, but are not limited to:

  • Gutter and down-spout replacement and repairs
  • Thorough roofing inspections to determine if there’s any damage to your roof
  • Roof repairs to follow adverse weather damage, critter infestations and wear and tear
  • Complete roofing replacements including underlayment installation, ventilation, shingles and hip and ridge caps
  • Roof customization options such as warranty, personalized feature requests, colors, materials and sizes
  • Roofing maintenance to replace chipped or broken tiles, patch up damaged areas and examine for further damage

If you require a residential roofing service that we haven’t listed here, feel free to get in touch with us to make an inquiry.

Our Roofing Products

Here at Raptor Roofing and Windows, we're happy to carry some of the best in the business. We leave the cheap roofing products to the other guys. When you choose us for a new roofing installation, we work with your needs to find the perfect solution.

We're proud to carry roofing products from the following brands:

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The Effects of a poorly-managed roof

A lot of people might find roofing repairs to be a bother, especially if they’ve been perfectly fine with their roofs for the past few years. However, roofing issues typically don’t cause major issues until they reach a certain point. For a while, you might notice shingles cracking or falling off your roof and you won’t think much of it. However, as the condition of your roof weakens, it starts to develop multiple problems that, when combined, will cause a complete failure of your roof sooner or later.

Roofing issues can also cause trouble for the rest of your home and the damage is difficult to see. A good example of this is leaking from your roof. Water damage can cause wood to rot and it might affect the structure of your home. If there are loose tiles and punctures in your roof, the entry points could be widened by critters that eventually root themselves in your roof, causing infestations that result in widespread damage all over the home

To help you better understand the effects of a poorly-managed roof, here are some of the most common problems you might end up facing:
  • Broken and missing tiles or shingles will allow water to slowly seep into your roof and under adjacent shingles, causing them to warp or eventually fall off. The resulting water damage means leaks in your loft and potentially rotting or mold caused by moisture.

  • Pest and critter infestations are surprisingly common if you don’t manage your roof correctly. Critters generally climb onto your roof by scaling pipes and other climbable objects, but they can also “fall” onto your roof from trees and overhanging branches. This gives them easy access to your roof and they’ll be able to exploit certain areas such as loose shingles and tiles to gain access to your roof.

  • High energy usage is a common symptom of a poorly-managed roof. Your roof insulates your home, providing a barrier against the weather and temperature outside. If your roof isn’t maintained, then it could cause temperature fluctuations. This means heating your home will be less effective since the warmth is lost in your roof, and it also means difficulty cooling your home. This results in more energy usage to get your home to your desired temperature.

  • Structural damage to your home as a result of critter infestations, water damage or other concerns will result in far more expensive repairs. This could include fixing walls in your home, removing mold or even repairing your foundation if the problem isn’t fixed swiftly. The most common cause for structural damage is mold growth which usually starts from water leaks.

Coping with these effects can be difficult. The longer you leave these problems, the more of an issue they’ll become. It also makes it harder to fix roofing issues when you leave it for long periods of time. For example, losing a single tile or shingle isn’t bad since it’s easy to replace, but if you leave it for too long, it accelerates the wear of adjacent tiles and shingles. This causes a domino effect which eventually leads to large portions of your roof being worn out.

Thankfully, a professional inspection will examine all aspects of your roof to determine what areas need to be worked on. Raptor provides a free inspection to all our clients. We use this opportunity to perform a comprehensive examination of your roof and potential failure points. Once we’ve gathered this information, we’ll present it to you and suggest what improvements to make so that you can repair your roof and reinforce your peace of mind and security.

The Effects of a poorly-managed roof

If you haven’t maintained or inspected your roof for many years, then we highly suggest that you at least inspect it visually. If there are immediate signs such as cracks or missing tiles, then it’s a good idea to speak with a professional as soon as possible to have the problem fixed.

Here are a couple of signs to look for when visually inspecting your home’s roof:
•  Are there any cracked or missing shingles on your roof?
  Have some of your tiles warped, creating an uneven appearance?
  Is it common to see critters such as squirrels on your roof?
•  Do you notice dark green streaks of moss or algae on your roof?
•  Can you see if there are any dips or raised areas on your roof?
•  Have you noticed pools of water building up on your roof?
  Are your roof gutters still in good condition?
  Do tree branches regularly brush against your roof?
It can be difficult to determine if your roof is suffering from damage by any of these causes with an initial inspection on the ground floor. Though a closer inspection is possible, we don’t recommend it unless you have a strong ladder and assistance. Instead, we suggest that you contact our specialists at Raptor if you notice any of these signs. They’re generally a good indication that your roof needs maintenance and it’s worth having a full inspection.

To assist you in your roof inspection, Raptor offers free roof inspections and quotes to help you get a better understanding of your roof’s current condition. Simply contact us today to inquire about our free inspections and we’d be happy to book an appointment for one of our specialists to visit your property and perform a comprehensive inspection.

New Roof Transferable Warranty info,


Raptor Roofing and Windows is proud to offer our industry-best workmanship warranty on new roof replacements. Texas homeowners want a roofing contractor who’s got their backs. That’s why we offer our exclusive
 “5-Year Hail Damage Limited Warranty” 
standard with all new roof replacements. Our warranty covers you for any leaks or missing shingles, regardless of the reason, with no copays or deductibles. In other words, if your home gets hit by a hail storm within 5 years of Raptor replacing your roof, and you discover a leak or missing shingles, you can count on us to repair the leak or replace the missing shingles. Selling your home? Don’t worry! 
All of our warranties are transferable.

Why choose Raptor Roofing as your roof and gutter repair company?

Raptor is one of the most reputable residential roofing companies in Frisco, Texas. Having provided our specialist roofing services for several years to the residents of Frisco and beyond, we’ve amassed an excellent reputation that puts us on top when it comes to roofing services in Texas.
Our commitment to our customers extends to the products we use and the services we offer. We only use Owens Corning roofing shingles, a premium-quality option that ensures that every roof we work on is stable, sturdy and ultimately long-lasting. Whether you’re looking for repairs, maintenance or even a fool roofing replacement, we’re confident that we can provide you with the services that you need. Simply contact us today for a free quote or inspection and we’ll be glad to help you.