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Your roofing deserves attention because it is your house's primary defense from weather elements like sun, rain, snow, and storms. Residential roof covers contain tile, shingles, metal slate, and a protective underlayment

We cannot speak of roofing without speaking of gutters.

Roofs and gutters are usually referred together because they are situated right next to each other, so replacing one may mean replacing the other. Your roofing contractor can also repair or replace your gutters too.

That will save you more money and time than if you contract a separate gutter-installing company.

Gutters are low hollow, open pipes attached to the edges of roofing to catch rainwater and direct it away from the foundation. Gutters' various functions protect your household and complete your home when they function correctly.

Any roofing is prone to damage and aging, whether they consist of shingle, flat, metal, or flat. If you have an old and aging roof, there could be a lot of underlying wear and tear.

Over time, excessive wear can lead to damage, possibly causing thousands in repairs.

That is why it is essential to schedule routine roofing and gutter inspections. During these visits, our Raptor Roofing and Windows roof experts will visually inspect your shingles, tiles, gutters, and all other areas of your entire roof.

If we see any signs of concern- we can handle the repair immediately!

  • Installing, replacing, or repairing your roof and gutter.

  • Improves insulation.

  • Provides efficient protection from weather elements.

  • Increases your property value.

  • Enhances the visual appeal and beauty of your property.

  • It helps you avoid the added cost caused by further extensive damage due to an unrepaired roof.

  • These routine roof inspections are meant to catch minor problems before they become much worse. Additionally, our roofing contractors at Raptors Roofing will inspect it for free!

Roofing Repair

Do you suspect storm damage or hail damage to your roofing? Think you have a roof leak?

Even if you have minor roofing issues, waiting too long can be devastating. That is because several roofing problems do not become severe until it's too late. Whatever roofing problem you are experiencing, our knowledgeable team at Raptor Roofing and Windows is here to offer you high-quality services.

As Texas weather can be severe, you never know what the forecast will have in store. That said, you always want to make sure your roof is ready. It is therefore imperative to have your rooftop checked promptly for potential damage and have it repaired as soon as possible.

Roof repairs are necessary, especially when there are damaged flashings and missing or broken tiles.

It is, therefore, best to schedule routine roofing inspections with us at Raptor Roofing and Windows in Frisco, TX, and we will fix any problems before they become more severe.


Roofing Replacement

Your roofing needs replacement if it has aged considerably because the roofing condition worsens over time. Tiled roofing systems can last 20 to 50 years, while asphalt shingled roofs last for 20 years. However, the average roof lasts about 30 years.

Eventually, you will need a new roof. If your gutters are as aged as your roofing, it is better to replace them with new gutters.

However, as some roofs need to be replaced sooner than others, you will want to schedule a free inspection at Raptor Roofing and Windows. We will closely examine your roofing and gutters to determine if a replacement is needed and assist with your insurance claims.

Call us today to get a new roof and gutter estimate for free!


Roofing Services and Maintenance

Many homeowners have not had their roofing inspected in years. If that is the case for you, we highly suggest a roofing maintenance visit from the professional roofing contractors at Raptor Roofing and Windows. We are the right company to take care of it.

Roofing maintenance is the process of scheduling tasks meant to keep your roofing watertight. A regular schedule for roofing maintenance ensures the protection of its lifespan. Annual roofing inspection involves:

  • Look for signs of any damage on the roof, including clogged drains, splits, and blisters.

  • Unattached roof parts.

  • Open seams.

  • Broken, blown-off, or missing shingles.

  • Shrubs and trees are growing too close to the roof.

  • Whether leak repair may be necessary or any other structural weakness.

During our inspection appointment, we will look for any visual signs of concern before touching a thing. We will look for cracks, missing tiles, dips, or raised areas and seal pipes, vents, walls, chimney flashing, or skylights that need repair. If we notice anything problematic, we can provide roofing repair service right away!

Our roofing maintenance program is very proactive such that it will enable you to have a leak-free roof, extend the roof's life and save you money in the long run.

As roofing problems can be hard to detect, we highly recommend calling a professional roofing company such as ours at Raptor Roofing and Windows. We have skilled experts who know what to look for and the tools to do the job correctly.

No matter what services you choose, we are here to provide a FREE estimate on your roofing.


Gutter Repair & Replacement

While you always want to keep tabs on your roof’s condition, it is also critical to check your gutters annually. Rooftops usually collect a lot of rainwater that requires draining away efficiently. Gutters do this by clearing the water by directing it through downspouts and drains.

Gutter installation and maintenance are often overlooked, yet they play a crucial role in keeping your home in good shape by directing water away from the house's foundation. Water can break down the foundation of your house, leading to the need for costly, extensive repairs that can also decrease the home's value.

Over time, gutters are also prone to damage from weather elements and clogging from leaves, debris, and undrained water. Old gutters cannot function properly and can later cause irrigation issues, water damage, and puddles of standing water.

Our highest quality gutter services include unclogging downspouts, elbows, and drain pipes of the gutters. We will then seal them with caulking to prevent them from rusting, corroding, and accumulating mold and mildew. To clean the mess and ensure proper functionality, turn to the professional general contractors at Raptor Roofing and Windows in Frisco, TX.

A roofing contractor will install and carry out all the gutter repairs during a gutter maintenance appointment. Our general contractors will also ensure your gutters are correctly aligned and fitted with filters, guards, strainers, and screens to minimize debris blockages.

If you need a gutter replacement, we have a wide selection of various styles you can choose from for your new gutter installation. These different styles of gutters will complement your rooftop and exterior walls. 

We can ensure your gutters are flowing properly.


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