Roofing Company in McKinney, Texas

If you live in Mckinney, Texas, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. From brutal rainstorms to crazy winds, you never know what’s in store. To battle the elements and keep your home protected, choose the roofing professionals at Raptor Roofing. We have decades of experience in the industry, and we can handle a wide variety of roofing problems. Whether you need a quick repair after a harsh storm or you’re looking for a new roof installation, we’re here for your needs!

Are you looking for an emergency roof repair in McKinney, Texas? How about a new roof estimate? Whatever the case may be, Raptor Roofing and Windows has the team you can trust. We’re a professional roofing company located in Frisco, Texas, and we’re happy to serve residents in the entire area.


Aside from Frisco, we're proud to also serve:

Van Alstyne

As Texas weather can wreak havoc on your home, you need a dependable team to ensure it stays protected. Raptor Roofing is the name you can trust! Call us today for a FREE estimate!

Roofing & Gutters in McKinney, Texas

No matter when your home was built, wear and tear on your roof will happen at some point. To keep it looking great and working at its best, regular inspections are vital. In addition, if a repair is needed, these should be handled right away before the issue gets worse.

Check out our roofing and gutter services below:

Free Inspections

Before we provide any repair or replacement work, we’ll do a FREE inspection! This is to determine the best plan of attack moving forward. If you decide to proceed with service, we’ll get to work right away!

Roof Repair

From tropical hurricanes to pounding hailstorms, Texas weather can be extreme. That said, your roof can become damaged at any time. If you think you may have a roofing issue, call us right away for a quick repair. We’ll look everything over to determine the best repair solution. Not sure if you need a repair? Call us anyway! It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you don’t fix a damaged roof, the issue can get much worse, potentially costing you thousands. Whether you suspect hail damage or you noticed a leak, call the #1 roofing company in Texas—Raptor Roofing!

Roofing Replacement

Unfortunately, a residential roof doesn’t last forever. In general, most roofs last around 30 years. However, many factors play a role in how long your roof will last, including the weather, materials used, construction methods, and much more. In addition, as roofs today are built using sophisticated technology and top-of-the-line materials, many homeowners choose to replace their roof before 30-years. Whatever your preference, Raptor Roofing is here with exceptional replacement services! For a new roof estimate in McKinney, Texas, contact us today!

Roofing Maintenance

While taking care of roofing repairs is essential, preventing damage in the first place will save you money in the long run. To keep your roof in tip-top shape, Raptor Roofing is here with unbeatable roofing maintenance solutions. During these visits, we'll replace chipped or broken tiles, fix damaged areas, and check for any other roofing problems.

Gutter Replacements

Similar to a roof, your gutters can take a beating due to weather and age. Water, leaves, dirt, and other debris get trapped in your gutters, leading to a huge mess. Gutter issues can also cause mold problems, irrigation issues, and much more. If your gutters can’t be repaired, we’re happy to provide reliable gutter replacement services.

Gutter Repair

On many occasions, gutters only need a minor repair. This may include realigning the gutters, unclogging them, or fixing a leak. If you need a professional gutter repair, choose the experts here at Raptor Roofing and Windows. We’ll make sure your gutters are flowing smoothly!

Fence Staining & Repair in McKinney, Texas

While we’re the top roofing company in Texas, we’re proud to also have professional fencing experts! With decades of fencing experience, we’re happy to help with fence staining, repairs, and maintenance. We work on fences big and small, and we’re always here with free inspections and estimates!

Check out some more information about our fencing services below:

Fence Cleaning

Just like your roof, the fences on your property are also prone to wear and tear. Whether it’s wind, dust, rain, or hail, Texas weather can throw all sorts of things at your fence. To keep it clean and looking its best, call Raptor Roofing and Windows today!

Fencing Repair and Maintenance

In need of a fence repair? As warmer summer temperatures mean more time spent outside, your fence is prone to damage. With kids and pets running around, you never know what could happen to your fence. Whether there’s minor damage or you need an entire fence replacement, our trusted team is here for you. We can also handle fence maintenance!

Fence Staining and Treatments

A freshly stained fence enhances the look of your entire home. In addition, staining a fence helps to extend its longevity while preventing excessive wear. With decades of experience, the Raptor Roofing team is here to provide exceptional fence staining services. After a quick assessment, we'll find the treatments best suited for your fence.

McKinney, Texas Window Replacement & Repair

Here at Raptor Roofing, our team also includes experienced window professionals. Whether you need a simple repair, new replacement, or even a window screen repair, we’re here for you! In fact, many McKinney, Texas residents call us the #1 window company in Texas!

Window Replacement

Did one of your windows just break? Thinking about installing new, energy-efficient windows? Whatever the case may be, Raptor Roofing is here with top-notch roofing replacement solutions. While your standard windows may do the bare minimum, there could be some alternatives that'll help you save on energy costs. In addition, your current windows may not fit the look and feel of your home. If you want to breathe life into your property with brand new windows, contact Raptor Roofing and Windows—the leading window replacement company in McKinney, Texas!

Window Screen Replacement

Many homeowners tend to overlook a damaged or torn window screen. However, you’ll want to replace them right away. When these screens are properly maintained, they can last for many years. Rather than trying to fix the problem yourself, leave it to the professionals here at Raptor Roofing!

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Dealing with roofing, fencing, or window problems can be a real hassle. To restore peace of mind to you and your family, Raptor Roofing and Windows is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a FREE inspection!