Insurance Claims

Raptor roofing specializes in helping make
your project as easy as possible, including dealing with your insurance where we can.

Important information that your homeowners insurance company will want when you call:

  1. Policy number
  2. Date of loss
  3. Type of loss
  4. Copy of your policy

Important: Your roofing contractor should be present while the insurance adjuster is inspecting your home. This is recommended by Texas Department of Insurance and Raptor Roof because the adjuster may overlook and important issue with your claim.

Raptor Roofing works with your Insurance

We deal with major insurance companies every day. Our team is here to help you.
When your roof is damaged in a storm, it is normally unexpected. The process of filing an insurance claim, hiring a roofing contractor, and starting the project is often a complicated process. Raptor roof will help provide your insurance company with accurate and detailed claim information, so you can be certain every aspect of the job is covered.

Tips for filing an insurance claim

To refrain from a disagreement on the scope of work or the damage of your home, we recommend that you have us meet with the adjuster at your home.

1) After adjuster inspection
An adjuster will perform an inspection and then provide you, the homeowner, a proposal. This should be used a guide for your claim, it is not a final settlement. It is common to resubmit a counter-proposal or even ask for a re-inspection when the scope of work changes.

2) Limits on policy cancellation and rising rates.
If you have to file a homeowner’s policy claim, your insurance company cannot raise your rates or cancel your policy.

3) Don’t always accept the lowest estimate
It is common that an insurance company will ask you to get three roof repair or replacement estimates. Some contractors may perform work for less than the market price, but that typically means corners must be cut somewhere in order to be profitable. It is important to know that the savings on these estimates are not applied to your deductible, they are passed onto your insurance company.

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