Fence Staining and Repair

Raptor is a residential fence specialist based in Frisco, Texas. We offer fence replacements, repairs, and staining throughout Frisco and surrounding areas.

Leading residential fence services in Frisco, Texas

With decades of experience working with residential fencing, Raptor Roofing and Windows is well equipped to handle fence staining, maintenance, and repair jobs of all sizes, and our friendly team is happy to offer free inspections and quotes.

Our fence services include, but are not limited to:

  • Fence Cleaning
  • Fence Maintenance
  • Fence Replacement
  • Fence Repair
  • Fence Staining and Treatments

If you require a residential fence repair company that we haven’t listed here, feel free to get in touch with us to make an inquiry.

Trust a local fence repair and stain company.

Raptor Roofing has been working with residential fencing for a very long time, and we are proud of the skilled and varied team we’ve managed to build. We work extremely hard to ensure that we always finish our jobs on time, providing honest and reliable advice while offering free inspections and no-obligation quotes. We understand how important your fence is to your privacy, security, and the look of your home, and will stop at nothing to make sure that they are standing strong.

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Our Fence Repair process

Strong winds, bad weather, animals, children, lawn care tools, and chemicals are just a few of the many external forces that can cause damage to a fence. Sometimes, a broken fence picket or post doesn’t mean that you have to replace the whole thing. Raptor Roofing can help you to source the right materials to match your residential fence, fitting them to your existing posts to create a seamless finish. Replacing just a post is easy to work too. We will only remove the pickets surrounding the damaged post, and once it is replaced, we will reinstall the materials exactly as it was before, leaving your fence looking good as new.

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Residential Fence Staining & Treatments

Staining a fence and treating the wood will prolong the life of your fence and help to keep it from rotting, ensuring that the wood is sealed and water can’t get into it. Raptor Roofing can handle every step of a job like this, from removing old treatments to applying and inspecting new ones to make sure they are providing adequate protection to your fence. Our team can also help with painting metal fences, helping to prevent rust build-up

Do I need Fence maintenance?

Bad weather, vandalism, and even just time can all wreak havoc on the fence surrounding your property. While a quality fence can often go untouched for more than a decade before it needs significant maintenance work, many people wait even longer than this to get it sorted out, often meaning significant fence repair or a complete fence replacement. A well-maintained fence should last you anywhere from 20 to 50 years! Here at Raptor Roofing, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to fence maintenance, and offer a number of different options to get the maximum life out of your fence.

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Why choose Raptor Roofing as your fence repair and fence staining company?

Our team of fencing experts is well equipped to deal with your residential fence replacement and repairs, and we offer a range of affordable services to make meeting your needs possible. Whether you have a hole in your fence or the whole thing has been knocked down; we will be able to put it right.