5 Warning Signs Your Home's Roof Is In Need of Repair

A residential roof can last for 20-30 years or longer. However, rough weather, falling branches, and environmental factors can lead to roof degradation, damage, and ultimately premature roof failure. Residential Roofing Services

Roofing contractors recommend routine maintenance once a year for fairly new roofs and seasonal checks for old roofs.

We've created this handy guide to help you learn about the tell-tale signs your home in Frisco, TX, needs urgent roofing repair.


1. A Leaky Roof System

Leaks in your shingles or metal roofing aren't bad but are signs that rainwater or melting snow has infiltrated your roofing system. Check for signs of water damage, and contact your roofing company when you spot the following:


  • Ceiling and wall stains: using sub-standard metal flashing, improper flashing installation, and ice damming are all leading causes of wall and ceiling stains in your home. If left untreated, water damage could pose a severe threat to your home's structure.
  • Blistering, peeling paint: When blisters appear, or paint starts peeling off, that's a sure sign roof problems aren't far off. Moisture buildup due to poor attic ventilation is often the main culprit.
  • Shiners: If you climb up the attic on a cold night, you might see shiners. Nails usually appear shiny when exposed to frost. Frost that forms on the nail will melt and drip as attic temperatures soar during the day, resulting in leaks. You can solve this problem by clipping the nails with a pair of pliers.


Roofing Replacement

Experts from Raptor Roofing and Windows can troubleshoot and fix a roof leak in your home after storm damage before it causes further damage.

2. Dark, Dirty Areas

Whenever granules disintegrate from shingles, they'll cause dirt and dark areas to appear on your roof. That's a sign your shingles are aging and need repairs.

A form of damaging algae, which should be removed quickly. Dark spots or patches signal moss growth. If left to sprout, moss can accelerate shingle wear, especially frost damage to the mineral coating on your shingles.


3. Roof Holes and Puncture

Local wildlife, especially woodpeckers, might be the problem if you spot holes and punctures in your roof. This bird has the uncanny ability to scrape and puncture roof materials, creating big holes.

The resulting holes will expose your roofing system and inner structure to moisture, leak, and rot.

Our roofing contractors can address these issues through roof timely repairs to keep your roof in top shape and strong. Ask local roofing companies to seal holes and punctures and replace missing shingles as soon as possible.

Our roofing team will undertake any roof repair work with utmost dedication, from a free inspection to repair or a roof replacement. We are transparent and will go the extra mile in our roof repair process to ensure roof holes and punctures never bother you again.


4. Roof Shrinkage

Another reason to repair your roof?

A special membrane coats your roofing materials and protects them from extreme weather and temperature.

Whenever this membrane shrinks, your roof becomes exposed to the elements, leading to roof damage. Shrinking roofs often pull the flashings at the walls, curbs, and penetrations in flat roofs, resulting in tears, cracks, and roof leaks.

Roof shrinkage is often attributed to poor manufacturing or improper membrane application. Your roof's design can also contribute to shrinkage. Your roofing contractor in Frisco, TX, must create a roofing system that can withstand shrinkage.

Raptor Roofing and Windows can help you with your roofing project. If you suspect shrinkage has occurred, call us to know your roof's condition for a free inspection.


5. Aging Roof

Your roof's age also determines whether you'll need a roof replacement or not. With good care, residential roofing systems typically last 20-25 years or longer.

As your roof ages and the end of its service life draws near, it will show various signs that should prompt you to arrange a roof replacement. Missing or curling shingles and dirty spots on the rooftop is the least.

Don't ignore splitting, which often arises from poor installation of roof material or extreme temperatures, sand or granules on gutters, driveways, and snow and ice damage.

Roofing Repair If you spot cracks, blisters, and leaks, or know your roof is approaching the end of its service life, contact our roofing experts for a roof inspection and repairs. We'll tell you what's ailing your roof and perform the necessary repairs.

If your roof starts sagging, take that as a cue to replace it quickly. Leave it a little longer, and your weak roof could collapse. Schedule a roof inspection with our expert roofers if you're unsure how much time you have to replace the roof.


Professional Roof Repair Services

Raptor Roofing and Windows is a name you can trust for roof repairs in Frisco, TX, and the surrounding cities. We have over a decade of experience in roofing and construction and can guarantee quality roof and roof repairs.

Before we embark on repairs, we always evaluate our customer's roofs for weather damage and other roofing problems that can shorten their roof's life. We can work with the claims adjuster that your insurance company sends to show the type of repairs your home needs and how much they cost.

We are insured and certified to perform roof installation and repairs. Dark patches on the roof, nasty leaks, cracked or missing shingles, roof blistering, you name it, we can fix these issues.

For your peace of mind, we use superior roofing products, advanced roof repair tools, and back all our roof repairs in Frisco and McKinney area with robust warranties.


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